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Past Weekly Poll Results

On the Paul Denton website we ask you for your opinions on certain topics in our weekly poll.

Weekly poll archive

Below is the archive of previous questions and the opinions of my web visitors.

Which do you prefer, Mustache, Beard or Clean Shaven?

Mustache 6%
Beard 11 %
Clean Shaven 83%

Would you rather date a quiet or an outgoing person?

Quiet 38%
outgoing 63%

Your most hated household chore?

Vacuuming 0%
Dusting 14%
Taking out the garbage 14%
Cleaning the bathroom 19%
Cleaning the oven 33%
Washing dishes 14%
Doing the ironing 5%

What do you wear to bed?

T-shirt and underwear 25%
Pajamas 22%
Nothing 42%
Only T-shirt 11%

Have you ever dumped anyone after one week?

T-shirt and underwear 53%
Yes 55%
No 30%
Do it all the time 15%

If we could have 3 Day Weekends - which day would you prefer to have off?

Monday Off 46%
Friday Off 54%

Do you prefer a hairy chest or shaved on a man?

Hairy Chest 42%
Smooth, shaved chest 58%

Would you rather take a nap or a long hot bubble bath?

Nap 73%
Bubble bath 27%

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

Left 54%
Right 25%
Middle 215%

Who should pick up the tab on a first date?

Men 55%
Women 5%
Split 40%

Have you ever been to somebody's house for a dinner party?

Yes 53%
No 35%
Host them all the time 12%

Do you shop at your local supermarket or local shops?

Supermarket 20%
Local Shops 0%
Both 80%

Do you spend all your income or not?

Yes its all spent 38%
No I save some 63%

What's more important in retirement?

Physically fit 63%
Financially fit 37%

What's your top drink when going out?

Beer 52%
Lager 17%
Spirits 17%
Wine 13%

Will you be taking a holiday this year ?

Yes definitely 30%
No can't afford one 39%
Going abroad 13%
Staying in this country 17%

Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?

Yes 69%
No 10%
Sometimes 8%
Depends what I've done 13%

Have you read somebody else's emails without them knowing?

Yes 36%
No 64%

If you could live forever in good health at a particular age, what would it be ?

Mid 30's or younger 48%
Late 30's to mid 40's 33%
Late 40's to mid 50's 5%
Late 50's and older 15%

What do you do with your phone when bored?

Listen to music 33%
Text or email 33%
Surf the internet 29%
Use other phone apps 5%

Do you cut out and use discount savings coupons?

Yes 45%
No 55%

Is texting colleagues after business hours appropriate?

Yes 46%
No 25%
Maybe 21%
Not Sure 8%

Do you believe in the fires of hell?

Yes 54%
No 38%
Not Sure 8%

When are you most likely to grab a snack?

Before breakfast 0%
Between breakfast and lunch 38%
Between lunch and dinner 52%
After dinner 10%

Do you still use paper files at work?

Yes 57%
No 17%
Sometimes 22%
Rarely 4%

What is your favourite season of the year ?

Spring 28%
Summer 50%
Autumn 5%
Winter 18%

What kind of chocolate do you prefer?

Milk chocolate 48%
Dark chocolate 30%
White chocolate 9%
Hard to say......ALL :) 12%

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