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You Might Be A DJ If....

* 80% of your wardrobe has a station logo on it.

* You look at your wages and say, "That's it! I'm getting a real job!"

* You call a weekend off a "Vacation."

* You can run to the loo and back in three minutes or less.

* You answer your home phone with the station name.

* A salesperson takes credit for your wages.

* You measure your amount of production in "sh**loads."

* You can start the song, run down the hall, do a full blown "number 2" and be back in 2:40 for the segue.

* Dinner? Let's see what the receptionist has left in the fridge.

* You've ever muttered the words, "Yea, I'll try to get that on for ya!"

* You consider wearing a shirt you have to iron, "dressing up."

* When listening to music at home, you only listen to the first 30 seconds of the song, then you switch to something else.

* Going to a club and not getting paid seems like a useless waste of time.

* Everyone you know calls you to DJ at their wedding or birthday party.

* You turn the radio up excitedly at the sound of "dead-air" on the competitor's station.

* You have at least three un-opened CD's, two T-shirts, 22 stickers, and five cups in your car.

* Cueing, segueing, cans, back-timing, catch line, ad log and dumb-ass program director are every day parts of your vocabulary.

* You have at least 19 pictures of you with famous people that you haven't seen since.

* You know the names and artist to every song your boyfriend or girlfriend can think of.

* You know the words to every song they can think of.

* You know the re-mixes to every song they can think of.

* You've slept quite comfortably on the promotion director's easy chair.

* You were a half hour late for an appearance and blamed it on the directions you got from the sales person.

* Your favorite past-time is conferencing three un-knowing listeners on the same line.